Saturday, 20 September 2014

Dear Pastor. Please Watch What You Say. Thanks.

Hi guys, It's been a minute since I posted.. :-) 

Happy new year!! LOL even though we're in September but who cares! 

I've had something on my mind recently and I thought hey why not bring it here.. Let me share my feelings with you guys. If you can read to the end.. and let me know your thoughts! 

Disclaimer: I mean no disrespect to any pastor out there or any in particular, please bear with me whilst I state my opinion. 

Here we go. 

There is a particular verse in the bible that states 

Matt 7:7 "Ask and it will be given to you;

I think a lot of pastors take  liberty with this statement and quite frankly it's annoying. Let me state why. 

First of all Let me state that I wholeheartedly believe in the bible as the word of God. but I also the bible needs to be read in context of the WHOLE bible and in the world we live in. 

I recently heard a sermon that stated, Ask it shall be given to you. WHATEVER you ask for it shall be given to you, just ask in the spirit and it shall be manifested and come out etc. and I kept waiting for the second part I have grown as a Christian to realise. "and your prayers shall be answered according to the will of God" 

The reason why I get annoyed at this statement is because frankly i find it a little insulting. Are you telling me that the people who have cancer and their families fast and pray day in day out for healing and the cancer patient still dies is not spiritual enough, they are not praying hard enough? what is that supposed to mean, when you read Ask and it shall be given to you.. you really need to state according to God's purpose. God's will is something I will not pretend to fully and always understand. Sometimes we see it as a great thing sometimes it bamboozles and confuses the heck out of us. But As Christians we know at the end of the whole day when we are with God, we will get our answers, not just now. 

But another reason I really really need pastors/Christians to be careful about this is due to the fact that you need to be careful especially if you have new Christians in your congregations. You tell them this, they go and pray and IF they do not get answers they are expecting they become disillusioned that "this Christianity is a farce, please let's move on" and just like that we lose the new Christians we are working so hard to join us on our walk.

Let's face it you will not always get what you pray for. Think may not always work in your favour. You may not always know why. But what you ask you will not always get. So don't try and make us think otherwise. And that's okay. It's impossible to always know why stuff happens to us, especially in this life, but please please please do not insult us by implying we are not spiritual enough or praying hard enough if we don't get what we pray for. Do not deceive us and especially the new christians into thinking they will ALWAYS get what they want all they have to do is ask. Sometimes God says NO... we all need to accept that. Sometimes God is SILENT and we need to accept that too. It doesn't mean He loves us any less, It doesn't mean we are any less spiritual or holy. Sometimes He does it to test or build our faith. We are also warned in the bible that we should not act surprised when trials and tribulations comes our way. I mean even Paul did not get all his prayers answered (remember this prayer he said for God to take away his thorn in his side, but the Lord's strength was manifested in his weakness). That's what being a Christian is about. it's not always nice, it's not always hunky dory. Sometimes you battle with God and that's okay cos that's what makes your relationship genuine. 

Normally when I feel like God has "hurt" or left me (i use this term loosely) e.g something I've been praying about doesn't change. I withdraw I don't talk to him from my heart. I pray I say the words, read my bible but it's not as genuine as God would like.  God is saying talk to me.. Talk to me.. until I break down and just talk to Him and I feel a whole lot better and closer and most importantly at peace with Him when I do this. I see what David did a lot in his psalms, (my goodness this guy was emotional!!!) he cried out a lot but at the end of the day he always acknowledged God and praised Him. I am trying to follow this example. 

Anyway back to the point, so my dear pastors, kindly note when next you say "ask and it shall be given to you" to also add, "according to God's will/purpose" yeah? Thanks :) 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

I don't know what to say - Masika

I have been deliberating for months.. (yes for months) to put this woman's story on my blog.. only I did not know what to say.

Her name is Masika... She is an inspiration.

I did not know what to write... Every time I started to write something. Words failed me. What could I possibly say to justify this woman's experience. I mean I'm just an individual who has a laptop, and a blog. What could I possibly say?? I mean the likes of the writers for AlJazeera and CNN Heroes could possible do her more justice.

I told my friend I didn't know what to write. Because I haven't written anything on her, I find it hard to even write anything else.. the significance of what I want to blog about pales in comparison to Masika's story. She just advised me.. just write anything even "I don't know what to say...

So I don't know what to say.. but I think what I want to say is the following:

Her name is Masika, and she experienced hell on earth. For the first time in my life.. I understood the meaning of unspeakable. I mean I have always been frank about gruesome stuff and had no problem telling gruesome stories or reporting them, but for the first time in my life i understood the true meaning of unspeakable. I was numb with shock by the time i was done watching her video... What can you say, what can you do.. I mean what do you even think you want to say or pray. Surely demons walk this earth.. that i'm sure of now. I mean how can your situation be so bad that even the church will turn away from you.

Just to thank God for her life, and helping her over come.

Nothing I can say can do her justice. I'm quite surprised that her video has just 20,000+ views, not sure why this hasn't been talked about more. She was in Congo when all this happened to her.   The least I can do is create awareness and ask you guys to remember to include her in your prayers. Also be aware that you have it good!! not to minimise your problems or anything, but for you to see what is really going in this world..

I do not believe one should keep quiet about these matters or ignore them, but at least be aware of them. Though, even I couldn't watch this video more than once. It was too harrowing.

I have a quote I would like to say to Masika in thoughts and in spirit

"I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved, lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom.  - Abraham Licoln"

without further ado... (please be advised that the narration is quite gruesome and you will be watching this at your own risk)


with thoughts and prayers.


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Ramblings of a Young Madam

Soundtrack for this post… God I Look to You – Bethel Live (Jesus Culture)
(Well that’s what I was listening to when I was writing this)
  So Updates!!!... 
So, there’s been  what a 360 drastic change in my life considering the last six months. It’s crazy.. Lol.
But everything eventually worked out.. I’m really thankful for that.

The transition wasn’t easy… but I’d like to believe I’m pretty much settled in my life at the moment.
Dissertation is currently and seriously cramping my style it’s ridiculous… I have one statement to make. I seriously dislike school, and essays and courseworks etc…

I had an extension, because I started working the Monday after I finished my Msc, Literally had my grad ball on the Friday, moved out of my accommodation Saturday morning into another one, and then part-moved to London on Sunday and Monday work started. It was crazy… I changed jobs and got a better one, I was initially worried with regards to the fact that it was a different industry, turns out I prefer this to the previous one…. I really do. And I’m lucky to say, I love my job.. not a lot of people can say that. So yeah I’m really thankful for that, so yeah, cos of this, I had my deadline extended until next month… so yeah wish me luck.. Totally jealous of those who have completely finished!!! Lol..but in due time, I will celebrate by God’s grace.
I don’t really know what to say except, I’ve really grown up.. Like seriously grown up.. It was as if God made sure I had one fast track to growing up the last six months.. or rather the three months before October beginning.. Life outside work was just crazy, Internet providers seriously and unbelievably taking the piss so badddd that one day I just sat down in my flat corridor and weptttttt.. Lool.. it was deep mehn, then eventually just went to stay at my cousins’ for like two days..

Speaking of cousins, I somehow bumped into some of them in London, I hadn’t seen them in yeaarrsssss.. like since I was 10 or something, but one recognised me cos I looked so much like my mum, and it turned out that they live just like 15 minutes away from me (same when I was living at my old house in Lagos before we moved to another part of Lagos) It was surreal, initially I was bit like hmm.. how will this one turn out, but it’s been completely amazing, and they are all so very lovely and reliable people.. I really thank God for them... it’s like I gained like 6+ “egbons” (senior siblings) overnight.. too cool… but thanks to dissertation againnnn “rolling eyes” I haven’t been able to flex as much..  but yeah, thank God for them really.. even my younger sister can’t believe how cool they are.. Lol.

So my dad gifted me an all-expense paid holiday to China… this was a huge surprise… I didn’t really believe it, until I got my ticket and visa… The holiday was absolutely amazing and lovely, just what I needed at that point in time, with all the stress stuff that had happened with one thing or the other.. Lol!!.. but I couldn’t believe how amazing it got. It was A LOT better than I thought it would be. I met some really cool and interesting people and saw some really cool and crazy stuff..  And I climbed the Great wall of China!!!.. But it was extremely taskingggg.. With all the food I had been eating during the holidays –between jobs(and my mum just left me like the week before, when mum is around, that means a lot of fooddd Lol) I almost fainteddd Lol, but it was absolutely amazing..  Went to different Cities/part of China.. Fantastic.. Did a LOT of shopping, that I was actually starting to dread it anytime we were supposed to go shopping... Lol… I really wished my family had been there to see all I saw, but I took ENOUGH pictures!!! If there’s one thing I’d give the Chinese.. They understand the meaning of Innovation, forget, China is just another world on its own… I don’t know why UK , USA and Germany think China is their mate..  IT IS NOT!!!!! Wow.. like it’s just like omo you guys please have a seat.. you can’t touch these people... They also have such a RICHHHHH and interesting History.. Uk’s is kinda blanddd compared to them.. and you see somethings and you wonder, how did these people think of this???..

There was no BBM, no Twitter, no Facebook, no nothing all blocked in china… I was quite surprised initially, but then again, I reaalllyy needed a break from the world.. so It was worth it, it was kinda very Zen.. very chilled..I only had one pako nokia phone that my fam could reach me on, which I eventually lost (oh yeah!! I saw my Dad for like a couple of days as well, it was realllyyy amazing spending time with him, away from his work stuff and actually jisting and hanging out and everything…. Loved it) Towards the end I started missing England and my life a little so yeah..  Lol L

So yeah what else is worth mentioning..

Aha!! Sherry Argov.. I don’t know who that woman is but I thank God for her…
Someone recommended a book by Sherry Argov to me at a VERY crucial point in time.. Lol..
Like okay I had a friend right?.. and somehow oo.. I just couldn’t understand myself again and didn’t understand somethings again that I was doing, didn’t know what to do, what was right what was wrong... You get, basically made all the wrong moves I could have made.. then eventually we just stopped talking… looking back I laugh and I’m like “oh sugar poor you”  You know when you have like a paper right and u are scribbling, then erase, scribble erase, and then somehow you step back and you’re like oh dear what a messss.. and you’re like nah mehn.. just walk away from this, it’s not worth your time anymore..

She made me understand A LOTTTTTT.. like a LOTTT.. I would pay this woman half of one month’s salary.. yes she’s that good… eventually told a couple of my friends about it.. I just had to buy them their own copies….

So now I understand what I should have understood years agoooo.. Infact I SO WISHHH I had this book like what three years ago, If I did, more than half the mistakes I made and BS that’s happened I would have avoided it, but I’m okay, cos it’s good I made those mistakes, cos I’ve learnt and I know Sherry isn’t just yanning chokes she’s actually saying the truth… GOOGLE HER!!!!!!  Life’s been a lot easier, like I can be more assertive and see through some people, and saved a lot of headaches.. And I’m the better for it.

So her book joins the ranks of books that have positively made a lot of difference in my life.

1)      Everyday Life Bible by Joyce Meyer
2)      How to choose a life partner – Bimbo Odukoya
3)      Why Men Love Bitches – Sherry Argov
Currently reading two books… well three… Simultaneously which are really all good… a book by Joseph Prince, and other by Joyce Meyer and third one which is Game of Thrones book 2..

Music wise.. .ehh.. still on Hillsong (oh speaking of which that’s my church now.. I LOVE it!!! Like I actually get up and go for morning service and can’t wait for service every week… Lol.. Started with Jesus Culture.. they are reaallyyy good so far, I’m pretty sure eventually they will be competing with Hillsong for the most music on my iPod or something…

I went to see a musical in London for the first timeee!!!!( But not the first musical ever) this was way back in August but I still have the tickets Lol.. it was Wicked.. Oh this musical was BEAUTIFUL.. and worth every penny.. it was a lot more than we budgeted for cos we bought tickets at the door and didn’t buy on time… but wow… wow… I couldn’t believe how good it was… I had to check if these people were lip-synching or something.. .they weren’t. Bloody amazing.. Want to go see a musical hopefully Phantom of the Opera as soon as this dissertation is done..

Thing’s I love at the moment:
McDonald’s Apple Pie…
Jesus Culture
The City of London… this is different from London-London (so very English and sort of posh)
The actual town of London, not every part though Lol)
Tesco’s Croissant and Tropicana Juice.. Stays winning every morning!!
Breaking Dawn.. Part 1 I loved this movie *sigh*

It’s my beloved Opeyewa’s birthday tomorrow.. Happy birthdayyyyyy… I miss my friends who have moved back to Nigeria… most especially the twins L  

Oh dear I’ve written too much now.. okay let me :x up

But in conclusion… I’m very happyy.. God’s has been very good to me.. a complete turnaround..  I Love London.. (Well in the meantime.. the cold isn’t doing any favours! Lol)

Toodles! xXx

Friday, 7 October 2011

A Semi Hall-Pass

Scenario 1: 

Shortly after wedding. 

Jane; Honey you forgot to buy the milk again!!.. 
John: Ah sweetie, I’m sorry, I forgot, last night I was so tired.. I will call your office to make sure a hot cup of coffee is waiting for you when you get in. 
Jane: Oh you're such a darling.. I love you so much... (Gives him a big kiss) Oh today is your meeting right? I ironed your shirt and all, wish you all the best, I'll be praying for you!, let me know how it goes.. I gatta run. Love you. Let's pray before I go, 

(They say a quick prayer) 
John: okay darling.. I'll call you. Love you stay safe. 

Scenario 2: 

Say 5 years down the line 

Jane: sheeshh this guy forgot the milk again, what his problem now (now shouting) John you forgot the bleeding milk AGAIN!!! 
John: Jeez, she's started again, Yeah sorry whatever, I’ll call the office and have them sort something for you. 
Jane: Whatever (kmt) don't know why it's so hard to pick up a simple bottle of milk, don’t know what your problem is 
John: this babe please don't start.. Don’t ruin my day... Have you seen the shirt I wanted to wear today?/ 
Jane: How should I know.. I don't know its somewhere.. Check the room. I’m going now. I’ll talk to you later. 
John: (thinking) imagine that, she didn't even remember I had the meeting today.. and can't even say a simple thank you for calling the office for her.. don’t know why she's so bitchy 
Jane: (thinking) This guy is just not even serious. common bottle of milk, he can't buy and asking me where he's shirt is, like I don't have more important things to do.. rubbish.. kmt 

These are two possible scenarios, one with the couple all buzzed up, second scenario all buzzed up

What happens when y'all get so used to each other. in the hustle and bustle of life, you've forgotten what you too mean to each other and stuff.. everything has gotten boring, so predictable and all that jazz.. irritating even, cos you are all up in each other's space. 

I watched this movie Hall Pass last week... though it wasn't that great a movie, the concept was a rather intriguing one. Basically the hall pass is where the couple have a week off marriage, both of you do whatever the hell you want, oversleep, not cook, watch DVDs, go clubbing with the guys.. and in their case if you feel like sleeping with other people.. sleep with other people. do it. 

I thought it was a good idea, obviously without the sleeping with other people. 

Now before you all get caught up in "oh my goodness.. NEVER!" 

Let's be realistic... there will be days, when you guys are fed up of each other, you will be irritated, you will fight... you need your space, you need to breathe... you need not to see the person, you just want to be.  

I think it would make sense, to just say look I think maybe we should just be, for a while. it's not a fight.. I am not saying we should see other people. I just want to be, I feel under pressure... everything is stressing me out. I still insanely out of my head love you. But I need to understand that I need not to take the guy for granted. I mean... I will eventually at some point.. I will get too used to it, and fall into a rut/routine. For a week, I need a break, I need to go. I WILL come back. Just need to recharge, then come back and face this that is a marriage. 

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day, of having a flat or a place.. you guys have a go-to place.. Where the day the couple fight. as in fight... like oh my God I could kill you now fight.. Just go there, blow off steam.. cry, pray, do whatever you need to do. then come back and talk rationally. No one outside your home as to know that you didn't come home. Personally it will save me a lot of stress, I know where he is. I don't have to worry about where he is. I'm the kind of person that if I'm mad at someone.. like really mad. I can't talk to the person or see the person.. I need to get away cos I will get madder and do or say something stupid.. I need to leave that situation. So might as well go to this "go-to place" breathe..pray.. think and calm down.. and then go back and be like okay let's talk about this thing.. I don't know if it’s something people would do, but I have been warned several times by the maternals, that the day you and your husband fight (assuming this husband is a Nigerian) you must never leave the house, because you will come back and meet another woman there, or worse still he will throw your stuff out. 

I was like wow.... so this is the choice.. stay there and kpai (kill) him.. (okay not really) but poisonous resentment builds up.. when I can easily just go away for one or two nights breathe and come back.. and work through’s really not fair. 

I have asked several people what they feel about this ,as it appears that this is not a popular concept.. For the life of me I cannot see why this isn't so... maybe it's just me. I don't know, maybe when I’m married I will feel differently. Someone said to me.. if you truly love the person you wouldn't be able to do without the person for a week.. I said no kidding.. wow... I don't think so oh.. I'm not saying I will not miss the guy oh, but ahn ahn.. that I cannot stay one week without any form of contact (except to check in and see that he’s alive and all is going accordingly) but then again, that's just me.. 

Personally, there are times when things when stuff will happen to you, no one can make it better.. not even the love of your life. it's just you and God.. and even your husband (or wife) being there will worsen the situation cos he's trying to do things to make you feel better.. but he's irritating you even more. and the poor guy is just trying to help. You just need to go away.. vacation.. not necessarily with your girls. just go away and pray.. 

Even the time that the husband is starting to take you for granted.. or wife is starting to take you for granted..  or the man is starting to feel very trapped. 
When he or she is not in the picture you will see what they do and appreciate them for it.. and when you guys get back together you both know you are not doing things just for compulsion, but because you truly love each other. 

As to whether he or she will cheat... well that's one risk that is to be taken. It's a marriage, the possibility of cheating exists.. whether he will or not is not up to you. If they want to cheat, they will do it. if they don't they won't.. That's why it’s better to marry someone who has a sound conscience and has sense.. and has God in him because it's not you he fears.. it's God.. but it's a risk you must be willing to take.. 

It's not guaranteed that it's all smiles and joys if you all get back together, the problem may be worse,  but I believe that during this time you guys can find out what the problem and go to a marriage counsellor (Which I believe in by the way) and try to make it work. 

I don't know this is just me saying this as an unmarried person... I'm still young, I may feel differently when I’m older and married.. but right now at this point in time, I believe in it.. a semi-hall pass.. 

However, if you are planning to settle in Nigeria or live in Nigeria. let's just say it's not something I would recommend for so many reasons. and know the kind of person that you are settling down with, if it's a responsible person you know that won't take advantage it and do something overly stupid.. yeah sure than go ahead.. But if a player and a magnet and a man that can't say no... Best stay in that house. Lol and also the level of trust you two have built with each other... that's important too

That's my 2 Cents... abi What do you think?

Friday, 17 June 2011

So Take Heart!!!! And Forgive...

"So take heart Let His love lead us through the night, Hold on to hope And take courage again"
-Hillsong United 

First of all, I would like to ask you, when was the last time you were truly happy and woke up with joy in your heart... irrespective of everything going on in your life? 

Lately i've been talking/counselling (For lack of a better word) quite a few people who are struggling with forgiveness, for other people and for themselves. Forgiveness for other people hurting them, forgiving God (yes forgiving God, though He doesn't need it, it's the other way round) and the hardest part Forgiving and LIVING with yourself.... 

Stuff happens to us, Stuff gets us down... Stuff breaks us, Stuff that makes us walk with pain in our hearts for so long that we forget what it's like not to be without pain... 

But... so long as you keep hurting, the situation, the person that hurts you.. they keep winning... 

I'm a calm person.. I rank very highly on the "agreeableness" on the Big 5  (HR and Psychologist should know what this means) in other words.. i avoid conflict as much as I can and don't like competition and stuff.. i like to work at my own pace and do my own thing.. but somebody or a situation winning at my expense... ah.. i turn into something else... there is absolutely NO WAY you can win at my expense not if I can help it. especially if there is absolutely NO compromise.. So I have a problem with NOT forgiving people or a situation.. cos the longer I allow them to hurt me, they stay winning, 

I am telling you.. THEY cannot and MUST NOT win.. 

Forgive yourself... Forgive them.. it may take days, months, years.. but so long as you keep at it, they won't win.. 

Trust in God... forgive yourself 

Forgive yourself for meeting that person or getting into that situation
Forgive yourself for putting yourself in that position
Forgive yourself for not seeing it coming 
Forgive yourself for not being stronger 
Forgive yourself for not stopping sooner than later 
Forgive yourself for your failures

Forgive yourself... cos they cannot win... quite frankly the devil is using these situations or people to make you unbunz and have a hold over you. they CANNOT win.. 

If you hold on to the hurt, it will only end up hurting you. When you don’t forgive others, it creates bitterness and anger in you. It will eat you up on the inside and drain you of your energy, leaving you tired all the time.

Wake up, Seriously you gatta wake up and hold on to the goodness inside you, do not let anything take that from you..

Because I see people as a result of these things that happen to them, they cross the line from being cautious to being a downright cynic, hard-hearted, wicked and expect the worst from life. Once you cross the line, they win. Whether you want to admit it or not, because they've changed you into something you are not, you can't enjoy the goodness of life, because you are so busy being hard-hearted,cynical and over-protecting yourself that you won't be able to appreciate and see the good in front of you, simply because of that, they have won at your expense.  So yes be cautious, but hold on to the good inside you, expect nothing from people.. don't expect the worst, expect nothing, if they surprise you.. thank God!! if they mess up.. well still Thank God!!! 

Speak no negative into your future because of what has happened in the past, the tongue is a very powerful thing. A word is enough for the wise. 

Forgiveness is not about trusting the person again or forgetting everything that happened. It’s about putting the situation in God’s hands instead of seeking revenge or holding a grudge 

So ....

If anyone has hurt nothing, say nothing, leave them to God.. God will pay them back accordingly and if you're lucky you'd probably get a front row seat. Just remember not to gloat or anything lest God turns his anger away from them and turns it to you (Written somewhere in the Bible.. can't remember.. usually crappy with bible verses and stuff) 

It's not the easiest thing but.... Praying this prayer is a start... you might even have to pray it like what 70 times...  “God, I am giving you this hurt right now. I am letting it go to you. You’re in charge. Help me to forgive the person/situation who hurt me"

Forgive  and wake up with joy in your heart... trust me it's a really good feeling to wake up like that. 
All our failure
And all our fear
God our love
He has overcome
All our heartache
And all our pain
God our healer
He has overcome

All our burdens
And all our shame
God our freedom
He has overcome

All our troubles
And all our tears
God our hope
He has overcome

God our justice
God our grace
God our freedom
He has overcome

God our refuge
God our strength
God is with us
He has overcome
     - Take Heart (Hillsong United) 

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Random Tid Bits.. What I love At the Moment

My favouritest Christian band in the world with Chris Tomlin running a close second.... but both very awesome awesome awesome people.. 

These people make the gorgeous houses and the exact type of house I would eventually love to make a home. I can be extremely picky definitely but I love these beautiful things. If they are around by the time I want to settle and stuff, and God willing finances are secure.. I shall be definitely getting in touch with these people..  
This is currently my phone wall paper. With some slight adjustments to make it more child friendly, this would be my ideal home... Especially loving the windows!!! 

There was a time i was bored and went to town.. and found myself in House of Fraser... and I was in the bridal section.. IT WAS BY ACCIDENT!!!  okay I was actually looking for a section there right, and I just saw all these bridal dresses, and thought okay, let me go have a look.. and saw this absolutely gorgeous dress that I just had to take a pic which is this... --->
and put it up on my DP and people thought I was getting married.. lol in God's time :-). sha I now saw some pictures over the weekend a bride wearing the exact same dress.. I was super excited cos it looked incredibly beautiful on her... 

here are some pics.. (Cropped them out cos they don't know me o.. and ah.. i don't want them to sue me.) 

The photographer is awesome by the way... looked through the wedding pictures and some others of people i knew that the photographer had done... *breathtaking fam... simply breathtaking*

Speaking of weddings... I found one events organiser on facebook... i'm not going to say anything except "Si Est Perfection" the pictures shall speak for themselves... sha Facebook "Tsoule" 

Evening Reception anyone??? YES PLEASE!!!! 

I love colours... 


These last two definitely have me thinking evening reception are waayyy better than afternoon weddings, i mean you get to avoid the sun and it's usually cooler in the evenings! 

One of Life's simple pleasures I'm grateful this exists. 

I cannot emphasize enough the blessing that is this cake.. The Red Velvet from Hummingbird with special thanks for Opeyewa who always brings them for me from London.... 

#random I have this thing about my indulgences.. i try to make a rule about not getting too used to them. So I can truly and absolutely enjoy them whenever I have them.

This right here has to be the absolute best apple pie in the whole wide world.. or well that i've come across.. taking it with Tesco's Light Choices Custard.... I have had apple pies yeah? but this... i don't know what's in it.. but whatever it is.. it's amazing... Si Est Perfection. (this by the way is the highest compliment I would give to anything!!) 

Grey's Anatomy... oh Grey's.. this is currently my favourite Show now.. but (24 is still at the top of the list.. but yeah point being) Currently on season 5. the bunzness of this show is something else... 'nuff said.. =) 

Bebo Norman's God Of My Everything. This is my favourite song at the moment... seriously EVERY SINGLE LINE  of this song qualifies... especially this line "God of the pain that no-one else will ever see" Indeed we all go through one thing or the other that we can't really communicate the feelings to anyone else. There has been some times when I just feel that only God can understand what and how.... Another line i loved... " And when the mountains shake.. you are my God, you never change.. and when the earth gives way.. you are still God, you never change..." as in this one of the many many may many definitions I have to say about God.. put this song on full blast... it's just beautiful... 
 Trying not to over play this song so I won't get tired of it and things.... 

Ah my article!!! going to read it now! Toodles x

Monday, 30 May 2011

Lessons I Learned About Prayer

1. The only real mistake we can make in prayer is in not praying.
If we pray earnestly, almost anything we do is better than not praying.  After all, no father rejects the child's plea because she did not use the right words or form. He welcomes his child into his arms.  Someone has said, "Nothing never happens when we pray."

2. No matter how much you pray, you will never be completely satisfied with your prayer life.
You will always feel the goal is out there beyond you somewhere. We must work against perfectionism, that mental disease that convinces us because we're not doing something perfectly, that we should stop it altogether. No matter how ineffective you think your prayers are, believe that they matter to God and keep on praying.

3. The Holy Spirit helps us in our prayer.
Romans 8:26 assures us "He helps us in our weakness because we do not know how to pray." The Greek word translated "helps" is a compound Greek verb "synantilambanomai."  The "syn" means "together, with us."  The "anti" means "opposite to, in front of."   And the "lambanomai" is a form of the verb "to lift."  Together they tell us the Holy Spirit gets on the other end of our task, opposite to us, and together with us lifts the burden.  He does not do this in our place, but works with us.

4. Keep on praying.
Persistence in prayer is taught so many times in Scripture. My favorite is blind Bartimaeus in Luke 18. Let nothing stop you from praying. Not your own inadequacy (of which there is much), your own needs (which can be overwhelming), not your fears (which never tire of assaulting you), and most definitely not other people (discouragement is all around us). Just keep at it.

5. Our emotions and feelings are irrelevant to effective praying.
We need to rescue our prayer life from bondage to our emotions. You know, "I don't feel like my prayers go beyond the ceiling," or "I don't feel like praying today." When you turn to the Father in prayer, how you feel has nothing to do with anything. Pray anyway.

6. Heaven places the same value on our prayers that we do.
If it matters to us, it matters to our Heavenly Father. The widow's mite did not mean much to anyone else in the Temple that day, but because it mattered a great deal to her, it was precious to the Father. This principle holds true for our prayers, our offerings, and anything else we give to the Lord: when it arrives in Heaven, it carries the same value there we placed on it here.

7. Throw away your clock.
Jesus said it's the heathen who think they will be heard for their much speaking. The goal in our prayer time is to be real, to touch Heaven, and not to log so much time. Think how insulted your sweetheart would be if you brought along a clock on your next visit, and you kept looking at it to see how much time had gone by so you could feel good about the investment you were making in the relationship. How much time you spend in prayer has little to do with anything. This assumes, of course, that you are spending some quality time with Him each day in prayer.

8. There is a mystery involved whenever we come into the presence of God.
We are kneeling before the Almighty Sovereign God, Lord of the universe. Be quiet. Be still. Get alone with Him. Humble yourself. Wait on Him. Respect Him as having sense and quit insulting Him with your pet memorized phrases. Tell Him the truth, what you've been up to and what you're thinking now. Tell Him what blesses you about Him, and what areas of your life you need particular help with.

Jesus said He already knows our needs before we ask, but He likes to see if we have figured things out, too. So, go ahead and make your requests to Him. Whatever answer comes, accept that as His will, at least for the time being. And keep on praying.

9. Always keep paper and pen handy when you are praying.
My experience is that when you come into the Father's presence in prayer, He will frequently call your attention to something He wants you to know or do. He may tell you someone to see, something to do, someone to call, something to forgive, a verse to look up, a text to remember, a debt to pay, or a neighbor to help. Write it down. Then, go back to your prayer. Expect to receive from Him every time you turn to Him in prayer.

When I was a kid on the Alabama farm, times were hard and surprises were rare. But we were always glad when our uncle Johnny Chadwick drove up from Birmingham. He was a police officer with the city and was forever meeting interesting people, getting challenging ideas, and having things given to him. He would bring up day-old cakes and pies from bakeries. He once brought me an old used bicycle, the first I'd ever owned. Once he arrived with a truckload of calves which it became my assignment to feed before and after school. He never came empty-handed. We were always eager to meet Uncle Johnny.

How much more when we come to pray, entering into the very presence of the loving Heavenly Father, should we be eager and expectant about what is about to happen.

Dr. Joe McKeever